A Dummy’s Guide to the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015


I admit, I’ve turned into a cricket dummy! Up until a few years ago, I used to eat, breathe and live cricket. Then twins happened. And cricket got replaced by diapers, feedings and a whole lot of other baby stuff. Today, I know the names of all the Disney Princesses and Disney Cars, but I don’t know the names of half the players in the Indian team. Shame oh shame!

Fellow desis, with the world cup just around the corner, this kind of ignorance cannot be afforded or forgiven. After all, I’m an Indian and cricket is in my blood. Besides, I don’t know about the rest of you dummies but when my friends talk about cricket (and that’s all anyone talks about these days), I hate looking clueless and confused, like Mandira Bedi when her co-hosts talk about the game.

So as I brush up on my cricket knowledge, here’s a guide of the basics for those of you who like me might need a refresher course in all things cricket.


The ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 begins on the 14th Feb and ends on 29th March. The Group stage runs from 14th Feb to 15th March, with one or two matches scheduled daily.


The host countries for the 2015 World Cup are Australia and New Zealand. Matches will be played across 14 different venues, with the final game played in Melbourne.


The world’s top 14 one-day cricket teams will come together to play 49 matches over 44 days, the teams being split up into 2 groups of 7 each – POOL A and POOL B, India being in POOL B. continue reading


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