Traditional Vegetarian Italian at its Best – Radici Italian Restaurant at Tanjong Pagar: Review

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Italian Vegetarian at Radici Singapore

Radici means roots in Italian. A newly relaunched Italian restaurant in Tanjong Pagar, Radici is indeed an ode to its name. From the brick walled interior, to the menu options and choice of ingredients, the restaurant is rooted in traditional Italian simplicity and authenticity. Radici is a great choice for vegetarian Italian Dining.

Fantastic and Authentic Italian Food at iO Italian Osteria

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Vegetarian Friendly Meter – Kid Friendly Meter – iO Italian Osteria has practically taken the West by storm, umm, the West of Singapore I mean. This lovely Italian restaurant, which opened not too long ago in Hill V2 (on Hillview Avenue), proves that a good restaurant will find a clientele no matter the location. While a few restaurants in Hill V2 have struggled and a coupleRead Now