Chez Vous Hair Salon – We Hear You Thanking Us Already!

Chez Vous

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After 10 years in Singapore, which have included just a handful of good hairdos, but mostly disastrous cuts or at best mediocre hair treatments, I have finally found hair nirvana. I’m sure most of you identify with what I am talking about here. After years of searching for the perfect salon, I recently heard through the grapevine about Chez Vous hair salon, and we at Urbandesis went to check out if they’re as good as they claim to be. Turns out, they’re better. So ladies, if you’ve been having hair problems of your own, and are in dire need to tame those tresses, colour them, style them, or simply cut them short, Chez Vous is where you should go. We can hear you thanking us already!Let me start by telling you that Chez Vous is not just a hair salon, it’s an experience. This 20-year old salon, in Ngee Ann City, exudes a reassuringly unpretentious yet chic sophistication. With design elements scattered throughout the 2,000 square foot space, this 30-seater luxury salon is anything but drab. In fact, they flaunt a focus on aesthetics – a treat for the hair and the eyes!
Chez-Vous has a directors-only policy – their hiring interviews last a whole 7 hours. So you can rest assured that your hair is in experienced hands, literally. They have stylists who are trained to handle Asian as well as Caucasian hair, so whatever your hair type, they’ll have you covered.

And at Chez Vous, it’s not just about the hair. They go the extra mile, to create an extra-special experience for you. Of course, bare essentials like Wi-Fi access and phone chargers are available, but to top that, each seat, or styling-pod as they call it, is equipped with entertainment gadgets, including a small TV fitted into the mirror in front. Not too happy with the channel playing and getting bored? Have a go at the tablet docked on your station or browse through the stack of magazines they’ll hand you. Want to listen to your music in peace? Ask for their sanitized head-phones. Cold? They’ll whip out a blanket for you. Hungry? They’ll order food for you. They even have an in-house drinks menu, and you’ll be handed this before you even start with your hair treatment. So feel pampered as u sip on a soothing chamomile tea while getting a head massage. I told you, it’s an experience. continue reading


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