EarthFest, Singapore (14th Jan): Food, Shopping, Learning, Fun & Games and Much More

EarthFest Singapore

Sustainable Living, EarthFest, Singapore

If there is one event you should be attending to kick off the year, its EarthFest EarthFest, in its third edition, will be held on January 14th, 2018. What started in 2015 as a sustainable festival that is fun for all and an opportunity for those who promote sustainability, has become a sold out event. (Psst, we have some free tickets for our readers, so comment here or email us if you need a pair).

EatRoamLive & Project Takeaway at EarthFest 2018

EarthFest Singapore

EatRoamLive is part of EarthFest this year. As you all know, through our Website, we aim to create awareness about vegetarianism and veganism, which are imperative for a sustainable environment. Importantly, we aim to be a valuable resource for vegetarian foodies, whether they’re dining in Singapore or beyond. Besides covering all-vegetarian restaurants on our website, we also cover mainstream restaurants that cater well to vegetarians, as we strongly beleive that vegetarians shouldn’t be left out. Our initiative Project Takeaway, focusses on ways to reduce food wastage, specifically on a personal level at restaurants – an area we feel is largely ignored. (Look for us at Table 123, Second Floor from 11am-1:30pm).

About Earthfest 2018

EarthFest at Marina Barrage Singapore
Marina Barrage during the day. (Image credit: Singapore Tourism Board. Photographer Darren Soh).

Earthfest 2018 has been designed to be sustainable, fun, and inspirational for all ages. There will be over 100 stalls spread over three floors featuring a Food Fair of delicious international and new age planet-friendly foods, a Farmer’s Market of local businesses with more sustainable products, an eco-carnival of engaging low carbon games, talks, screenings, etc. – something for everyone and for all interests, all packaged in one of the most sustainable and beautiful venues in the world: Marina Barrage!

Other highlights this year include new bands on stage, a hybrid foodtruck as part of the Food FairSingapore Really Really Free Market, a bookswap hosted by Secondsgurutalks by experts, screenings and much more. There is so much to do here that it is near impossible to mention it all. To know more about the events and talks, look up the details on their Facebook Page, here.

How Sustainable?

EarthFest 2018 Singapore

How sustainable, you ask? Earthfest is hardcore folks! From sourcing sustainable materials such as wooden pellets for the performance area to using 100% compostable materials, this community based event takes its responsibility very seriously. All food products at the event are planet friendly; which means they use less inputs such as water and land. The carry bags here are reusable, the event is promotion via digital media, saving tonnes of paper.

The talks, the performances, the food and the entire experience is aimed at teaching you fair trade; importance of buying local, organic, planet-friendly & healthy food; availability of transportation, biodegradable & non-toxic options; detrimental effects of overfishing; food wastage; electricity usage; and the like. The biggest takeaway is learning practical tips to a sustainable and modern lifestyle.

If you didn’t get your tickets to the fest in time, we have some free tickets for our readers, so comment here or email us if you need some.  

Timings and Location

Date: 14th January 2018
Time: 11:00 AM to 4:30 PM
Place: Marina Barrage
(Look for us at Table 123, Second Floor from 11am-1:30pm)

Meet EatRoamLive @ EarthFest (11am-1:30pm)

At EarthFest, EatRoamLive advocates the importance of not just being vegetarian or vegan but also that of not wasting food. With so much hunger all around us, we need to be sensitised to those less fortunate and think before we waste food. Do visit us and support our cause by signing up for Project Takeaway. Discuss with us the ways you think individuals and restaurants can contribute towards reducing food wastage in restaurants.

And if you are one of our valuable readers, do look for our table and meet us. Tell us what kind of articles you want to see on the website. Tell us what restaurants you would like to see us review. Above all, tell us how we can improve. We’ll be there at Table 123 (Second Floor) from 11am to 1:30pm and would love to meet with you and welcome any ideas and feedback.


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