Interview: Debasree Das Mall, Mrs. Singapore India 2014


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Debasree Das Mall is your average girl next door. Except, she’s not really average. The 32-year-old mother of one, was crowned Mrs. Singapore India 2014 last year and a couple of weeks ago, she went on to win the Mrs. Asia International Goodwill 2015 crown, outperforming 31 women from 10 countries for the title.

One thing about her that is average though is her height. Despite being only 5’2”, most other contestants standing a head taller than her, Debasree stood undeterred, with her eyes firmly planted on the crown. She says, “All I had in my mind was to keep my eyes set on the crown. I knew that I needed to bring that crown home for Singapore as a gift for my country on the occasion of SG50”.

The dusky Bengali beauty originates from Midnapore, a small town in West Bengal. She did her schooling in Kharagpur and went on to pursue an MBA in International Business from Pune. She then moved on to work and live in cities across the world – Moscow, Durban, Delhi, Pune, Mumbai and now Singapore.

After getting married and moving to Singapore 4 years ago, Debasree travelled extensively across South East Asia, for both work and pleasure. She fits multiple roles – a wife, a mother, a business manager, a beauty queen. A passionate dancer and an avid traveler, she loves cooking and exploring places. continue reading

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