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Druv Kent

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Meet Druv Kent!

Dhruv Shrikent is not your average banker. Druv Kent is not your average musician. And yes, you guessed right – they’re both the same guy.

In 2013, Dhruv Shrikent quit a top-notch position in Deutsche Bank to follow his dreams and let Druv Kent, the musician in him finally take charge. Less than 2 years later, in January 2015, his first single ‘Little Bit of God’ from the album ‘About Time’ was released and the album itself is slated for release in a few months.

Dhruv was born and raised in Kolkata, went to boarding school in Dehradun and college in the States.

He had a keen interest in strategic and financial consulting and ended up becoming an investment banker – working in Mumbai, Hong Kong and Singapore, and doing work across Asia and extending into Europe and the US. Most recently, he was running part of Deutsche Bank for the region, based out of Singapore.

Dhruv has been living in Singapore for about 5 years now and is feeling increasingly rooted here. He is married, with school-going children. continue reading

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