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Kawaii was the only Japanese word I learnt during our 2-week-long trip to Japan. Our twins managed to draw a crowd (well, almost) anyplace we went and we were frequently greeted with sounds of “Kawaii, Kawaii”, which means cute, by the way.

Of course, this could have something to do with the fact that you hardly see kids out and about in Japan (especially in Tokyo), let alone twins. In fact, most of the people we came across seemed to be surprised that twins are not just a fairy tale, they really exist.

Considering Japan as a possible destination for your next vacation? Read on for some of the memories that I brought back from our first vacation with kids, and know what to expect from the country and its people. Of course, there is a chance that your impression of Japan was completely different from mine – that’s what I love about travel, so much of it is about perspectives. So if you’ve been to Japan, read on and relive your own experiences or give a thought to how they were different. And if you haven’t been, consider a trip to this beautiful, welcoming nation for your next vacation.

The People

  • Ever heard that the Japanese people are wary of foreigners? This is about as true as the belief that Indians break out in song and dance anyplace anytime. The Japanese are amongst the friendliest and most helpful people that I’ve ever met.
  • The Japanese are also exceedingly polite and kind. Our first thought that the politeness might be a front was shattered by the kindness we saw numerous times – strangers running to help us carry our double stroller up the stairs; an 80+ gentleman rushing to push a stranger’s wheelchair up a ramp; people walking with us to show us the way when we got lost; the list goes on….
  • The Japanese seem to be, well, mostly grown-ups. We hardly saw any kids around or even pregnant women for that matter, especially in Tokyo. continue reading
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