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Originally Published on on 17/06/2016

Technology person by profession and social worker by passion, Vijay Krishnamani presently works with Tata Consultancy Services in Singapore. He has previously worked in top-tier companies including Nucleus Software, Infosys BPO Ltd and Citibank Singapore. Not very different from many of us, you would think. Except that he is. Vijay Krishnamani is hearing impaired, but he hasn’t let his disability come in his way.

Vijay was born with profound hearing loss in both ears. But with unwavering support from his family, he went on to learn how to listen, speak, read, write, and join mainstream society. Vijay says that going through this has instilled in him a sense of empathy and desire to help others as much as possible. So social work is something that is quite karmic in nature to him.

Originally from New Delhi, Vijay came to Singapore 6 years ago along with his wife Mehak, who is a social worker by profession. Mehak has been involved in community service and volunteer activities throughout their time in Singapore.

Besides his daytime job, Vijay volunteers as the Global Co-ordinator of Suniye, an organisation that works for and with hearing-impaired children. Suniye runs a support school in Delhi, with a focus to teach speech and language skills to hearing-impaired kids, and to integrate them into mainstream schools.

Urbandesis talks to Vijay to know more about his journey and struggles through school, corporate life and more. Read on. continue reading

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