Review: Baker & Cook – Where Passion is the Main Ingredient

Baker & Cook

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When Baker & Cook first opened its doors in 2012, little did anyone expect that the small café in Hillcrest Avenue would cause a traffic problem in the quiet residential neighbourhood. A combination of great food, great bakes and great atmosphere; an artisanal bakery concept, the first of its kind in Singapore; a communal table, for which a special permit had to be obtained – these were just some of the ingredients that made this little store so popular. But as the man behind B&C says, the main ingredient was passion.3.5 years on, and having expanded to 4 outlets, Baker & Cook continues to operate with the same passion. The brainchild of celebrity chef, Dean Brettschneider, B&C produces top quality, bakery-inspired food – breakfast, lunch and dinner – that is served throughout the day. Their artisan bakery products are all hand crafted, and made with honest clean ingredients. 

The Baker

Dean Brettschneider is a global-based professional baker. He’s an award-winning author of thirteen cookbooks and a presenter of multiple TV shows. Dean presently resides in Copenhagen and plans are underway for soon opening a Baker & Cook in Budapest.

As we spoke to Dean over a coffee, he soon admitted that Baker & Cook is his favourite business and added, “Business is not just about nice cakes and great coffee. It’s also about customer service, communication and environment.” continue reading

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