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Blu Kouzina

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My love for Mediterranean food is evident from the kilos I packed on during our trip to Greece and Turkey almost 7 years ago. Friends asked me how I managed to put on weight eating ghaas-phoos for 2 weeks. Well, make a dinner reservation at Blu Kouzina to find out how! Not only does Blu Kouzina serve authentic Greek cuisine, it surely is a food paradise for herbivores and carnivores alike.

Blu Kouzina was born in 2010, out of Effie and Dennis Tsakiris’ love of sharing a hearty meal with friends. Effie’s passion for the food of her native Greece was evident to me within 5 minutes of meeting her, and this passion reflects both in her conversation and in the food. The restaurant is spread over 4 floors in a plush residential area on Bukit Timah road and is decorated in blue and white, I’m reminded of Santorini every time I go there. In fact, between the authentic Greek food and the Greek décor, it is easy to forget that you’re in Singapore.

For the vegetarians

We started off with the Mezedes (appetizers), biting first into the cheeses as these are better had warm. The Saganaki is a delicious hard cheese, flown in from Greece. It was served with a home-made Fig sauce and I have to say that the sauce fell in the “die die, must try” category. The slightly salty cheese coupled with the sweet sauce made a great combination. Talagani, ahandmade sheep-milk cheese from Messinia was served grilled and tasted different from the Saganaki. continue reading

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