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Oysters. Seafood. Cocktails. That’s what Humpback’s tagline says. Not only does Humpback deliver on this, it offers more. As a vegetarian, I would have never thought of going to Humpback – turns out, I would have been missing out on a wonderful restaurant. Yes, Humpback offers the freshest offerings not just from sea and land, but also from the garden, with ever-evolving flavours to sample as the seasons change. So Urbandesis, if your spouse is a seafood lover but you’re vegetarian, you don’t have to think twice before heading to Humpback.

The Concept and the Vibe
Humpback is the brainchild of the husband-wife duo behind the highly successful Jigger & Pony and Sugarhall. The idea for Humpback came to them while on vacation in Washington. As they stood in waist-deep waters, shucking live oysters and eating them fresh – a trip to the Hama Hama oyster farm in the Pacific Northwest turned into inspiration for this breezy Seattle-style restaurant.

Tucked in to a shophouse on Bukit Pasoh, this charming 40-seater restaurant features white-tiled walls, light hues and high tables. With its easy laid back atmosphere and a bit of an indie spirit, Humpback will have you tapping your feet to rock music from the 80’s and 90’s, in no time.

Humpback embraces the concept of small-plate dining. All dishes are designed to be shared and 6-8 dishes are recommended for a table of two.

The Food and Drinks
While oysters (S$6-7++ and S$2-3++ during Happy Hour) are the main draw for this establishment, there are a multitude of other seafood offerings. The rainbow trout with streaks of egg yolk, almond milk and mustard seeds, is soft and melts in the mouth. The calamari (S$14++) served with potato, crazy water and fried capers is fried just right, to the right amount of crunchy and munchy. The snowcrab with orzo, squash and parmigiana doesn’t fare as well with us but the maine lobster (S$42++) served half with mozzarella and honey mango dressing is excellent and the further addition of brioche gives an interesting twist to the dish. continue reading

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