Review: NOX Dine in the Dark


Originally Published on on 15/01/2016

I remember reading somewhere that people who spend money on experiences rather than things are happier. I rate NOX – Dine in the Dark as one such experience.
NOX is a multi-sensory dining experience designed to take you on a culinary journey through tastes and textures, in complete darkness mind you. Unique, novel, fascinating are just some of the words I would use to describe this experience.

How it works

Upon arrival at NOX, you will be escorted to the lounge area where you will be briefed on the concept and told what to expect. You will then be served an amuse-bouche as a prelude. You can also down a cocktail or two here, I knew I would need one before ascending into pitch darkness.

Then starts the fun part. No toys allowed in the dining area – so you’re required to put away your mobile phones, watches and any other light emitting objects into a locker before you head upstairs.

You’ll then be escorted to the entrance of the dining area and introduced to your server/guide. The servers at NOX are visually impaired and adept at moving around in the dark. Our guide was the wonderful Rahamat, who has been blind since birth. He led us upstairs in a conga line with my husband’s hands on Rahamat’s shoulders and my hands on hubby’s shoulders. By the time we reached the top of the stairs, any traces of slight from the lounge had disappeared. Rahamat expertly guided us to our seats and briefed us on how to handle our cutlery and go about eating the food in complete darkness. If you’re thinking that you’ll be able to make out shapes in a while, once your eyes adjust to the darkness, you’ve got another thing coming. It truly is pitch dark but it wasn’t the least bit uncomfortable for us, just novel. (For the safety of guests, infrared cameras are installed in the dining area). continue reading

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