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Plank. Pizza with a difference. The first of its kind in Singapore. So what’s the difference you ask? Plank’s pizza bases are made with sourdough instead of regular pizza dough.

The brainchild of global baker Dean Brettschneider (the mastermind behind the successful and well-loved Baker & Cook chain of artisan bakeries), Plank proves that you don’t need 20 pizzas on the menu to operate a successful pizza joint. 6 Pizzas, a few drinks, a couple of desserts and a Baker & Cook next door, does the trick. The concept is simply brilliant and it works.

Now about the dough. Plank’s pizza base is made with a long fermentation process. They use a combination of flours and slowly ferment it for up to 48 hours at 8°C using only their natural wild yeast (levain), salt, water & extra virgin olive oil. After pressing out the traditional way (without rolling pins), the bases are carefully topped with selected quality ingredients, and then blasted at 380°C – 400°C until the crust is super pillowy soft with a touch of crispness. As Dean says, “The only thing Italian about these pizzas is the oven.” continue reading

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