Sky Diving in Wanaka, New Zealand


Originally Published in on 02/06/2014

Strap yourself to a beautiful stranger… Standing inside the hangar of Skydive Lake Wanaka, as I read these words plastered across the wall, the enormity of what I was going to do sunk in. I was going to jump off a perfectly good plane soaring 12,000 ft off the ground.

We had arrived in Wanaka the day before and had instantly fallen in love with this beautiful town. Wanaka is the perfect location for skydiving. During the flight and the jump, you’ll be treated to spectacular views of lakes and mountains, if you don’t shut your eyes out of fear that is.

Skydive Lake Wanaka & The Process 

Since 1995, over 85,000 people have tandem skydived with SLW, the oldest being 92-years-old. According to their website, Skydive Lake Wanaka has the best tandem skydive safety record in New Zealand.

The staff at SLW were friendly and made us feel at ease. Before your dive, you will watch a safety briefing video, after which you’ll be asked to sign some forms/disclaimers. You’ll then be escorted to an outdoor waiting area with comfy bean bags, where you can watch other skydivers while you wait your turn.

Then, it’s payment time. In all fairness to SLW, they don’t ask you to pay till it’s almost time for your flight, so you do have plenty of time to change your mind. As I paid the non-refundable amount of 478 ND, I remember thinking that it was an incredible amount of money to pay for doing something so incredibly stupid.

Once you’ve paid, you’ll be escorted to the hangar and helped into a jumpsuit and harness. I had managed to stay calm so far, but as I donned my jumpsuit and saw the bright orange plane outside, I found myself having some serious second thoughts. continue reading

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