Support A Cause: Suniye – Transcending The Barriers Of Silence

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Originally Published on on 27/05/2016

Today, India is home to 15 million hearing impaired citizens.

Can you grasp the implications of being born with a severe hearing loss? A baby who cannot hear, can often as a result not learn to speak, read or write. This in turn, can have an adverse effect on his/her future, often making it difficult for him/her to integrate into mainstream society and lead a normal life.

This is where Suniye steps in. Suniye is dedicated to helping the hearing impaired acquire language, learn to talk, go to regular schools and become useful members of society. Established in 1995, Suniye is a leading non-profit organisation in India working with and for the hearing impaired.

Suniye runs a support school totally free of charge for hearing impaired children, which encourages inclusive education and helps in developing speech and language. The school is managed by parents of hearing impaired children and assisted by professionals, speech therapists, audiologists, doctors, teachers etc. They are one of the very few institutions in Delhi teaching spoken language to hearing impaired children.

Over the last 20 years, they have helped 1000+ students – almost 90% of them come from low income backgrounds – who have all gone on to do well in life.

Aditi Dubey, a class X student and a student of Suniye, was given the National Child Award for exceptional achievement in Roller Skating and the Best Student award in her school in 2013. She also represented Delhi in the Junior National Badminton Championship and came third.

Another student of Suniye, Cheenu Madan, who has profound hearing loss, did his BE in Computers from Delhi College of Engineering and his Master’s from University of Florida, USA and became a successful entrepreneur. continue reading

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