Vegan & Eggless Cakes and Desserts in Singapore

Vegan & Eggless Cakes and Desserts in SingaporeVegans rejoice! Singapore now has an enviable collection of places that offer vegan desserts that are not just restricted to a stray average option but all out, indulgent desserts. In fact, we’re sure these desserts would even make non-vegans want to come back. EatRoamLive gives you the low down of all the places serving vegan desserts in Singapore where you can find something to indulge your sweet tooth while making you feel good about your being vegan. So read on to know where you can find Vegan and Eggless Cakes and Desserts in Singapore.


Vegan Ice Creams at Brownice

Vegan Ice Creams at Brownice (Image credit: Brownice’s Facebook Page)

An all vegan ice cream parlour in Singapore, Brownice is probably one of the best known vegan dessert place. It offers 16 delicious flavours, all made from organic brown rice milk, organic evaporated cane juice and fresh fruits and nuts. With between 80-140 calories per scoop, it is pleasure sans the guilt. Purely plant based, and free of any dairy, the desserts here include ice creams such as the heavenly Chocolate French Kiss and Nutella, Its Really You! in 473 ml tubs for S$14.00 each. The premium range includes Gila Gula Melaka and Locco Coco. They also have divine ice cream cakes like Mudpie Madness, Haze-A-Licious Hazelnut and Strawberry Sweetheart.

Brownice53 East Coast Road, Singapore 428771. P: 6348 2295
8 Sin Ming Road, Sin Ming Centre #01-03, Singapore 575628. P: 6456 6431


Delcie’s Desserts
Hazelnut Mud Fudge, Delcie's

Hazelnut Mud Fudge, Delcie’s (Image credit: Delcie’s website)

Delcie’s Desserts are the healthy way to indulge in what is otherwise thought to be a sinful treat – cakes. Without dairy, eggs, chemicals or gluten, these cakes are not just vegan but can also be made to be suitable for diabetics, gluten intolerant and babies. With a huge range of delectable desserts on offer, dig into Hazelnut Mud Fudge, Durianian (Seasonal) and Chempedak (Seasonal) which are between S$55-S$95 depending on flavour; or their amazing Chocolate Nutty Ice Cream Cake. Also on menu are the delicious Banana Chocolate Tea Cake(S$38) and a very presentable Apple Rose Tartlets Set. So, go get your bite of heaven today! 

Delcie’s: 34 Whampoa West #01-83, Singapore 33003434 Whampoa West #01-83, 330034. P: +65 62822951

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Peace Café 
Vegan Black Sesame Ice Cream at Peace Café

Vegan Black Sesame Ice Cream at Peace Café (Image credit: Peace Cafe’s Facebook page)

Peace Café offers vegans the option of healthy desserts that taste great as well. The dishes served here are vegetarian or vegan, free of MSG, artifical flavourigs and preservatives, and the cheeses used are rennet-free. Besides the mains, they make cakes customised to your requirements, along with cupcakes, fruit cakes, cookies, muffins, strudel, ice-cream, sorbet, cheese-cakes (dairy or vegan), mango mousse, and more. Try the Melting Moments Cookies (30 pcs, S$30), Chocolate Shortbread (30 pcs, S$30) or Banana and walnut loaf (S$24), and you’ll be back for more.

Peace Cafe4 Dalhousie Lane, Singapore 2096734 Dalhousie Lane, Singapore 209673. P:  6291-1687

Yes Natural Bakery
Yes Natural Bakery

Yes Natural Bakery (Image credit: Yes Bakery’s Facebook page)

Although they specialise in breads for vegetarians and vegans, Yes Natural Bakery will happily bake you a vegan cake customised to your requirements. The only thing is that you need to place the order at least three days in advance. Free from preservatives and chemicals, their produce is baked fresh everyday. For the festival season, they also make special goodies like Lunar New Year goodies, Dumpling Festival rice dumplings, Mid-Autumn Festival mooncakes and Christmas log cakes and cookies. Try their Coffee Whole Cake which is made from coffee beans and garnished with real fresh fruits, the Red Rice Loaf with a warm touch of red from healthy red rice grains to give you the best nutrition, or the all-time favourite Crusty Pecan Pie.

Yes Natural Bakery55 Lorong 27 Geylang, Singapore 388184. P: +6547 8438

Loving Hut

So, we all know about Loving Hut – the much loved vegan chain restaurant whose excellent dishes can convert even the hard-core meat-eaters, for a meal. They also have a wonderful selection of vegan desserts that calls out to the foodie in you – vegan or not. Their selection of pies include Apple Classic Pie (S$8.90), and Blueberry Cheese Pie  (S$6.90), with a very special Teochew Oh-Nee (Yam Paste) w Gingko Nut & Pumpkin (S$7.90). Try them out and you won’t be disappointed.

Loving Hut: 229 Joo Chiat Road, #01-01, 427489. P: 6348 6318

Well-dressed Salad Bar & Cafe
Fresh Passionfruit Cake, Well Dressed Salad Bar and Cafe

Fresh Passionfruit from Well Dressed Salad Bar and Cafe (Image credits: Well Dressed Salad Bar and Cafe’s Facebook page)

Eight Treasures Vegetarian Group presents the Well-dressed Salad Bar & Café which is vegetarian and goes by the credo that ‘meatless doesn’t mean tasteless’. The hearty meals revolve around the freshest ingredients and their vegan desserts are no exception. They have Vegan Donuts which are S$2.00 each for a minimum order of a box of 6 and S$20 for a dozen, in a range of flavours such as Cranberry Dark Chocolate & Cinnamon Sugar. They offer vegan cakes in flavours like Chai Latte Crumble (S$40); Fresh PassionFruit and Earl Grey Lavender(S$38 each); and Matcha Green Tea (S$32). Their Brownie cakes with Chocolate Avo Frosting and berries / nuts are delicious to say the least and can be had for an additional S$12.

Well-dressed Salad Bar & Cafe: 282 South Bridge Road, Singapore. P: +65 6534 7787

Vegan Chocolate Brownie at Brunetti

Vegan Chocolate Brownie

The Aussie chain in Singapore, Brunetti has recently started offering vegan cakes. The café keeps 1-2 vegan cakes in the shop for walk-in customers, but they can also customise vegan cakes and cup-cakes in flavours like avocado, banana, chocolate and cocoa mint. The vegan Chocolate Brownie with 73% dark chocolate and covered with roasted hazelnuts is finger-licking good. Besides the vegan cakes, they also offer a couple of eggless desserts – Baci Di Dama and Florentines are both eggfree – in store and gluten-free and sugar-free cakes, desserts and ice-creams as well.

Brunetti: 163 Tanglin Road #01-35/36, Tanglin Mall, Singapore 247933. P: (65) 6733 9088

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Ugly Cake Shop

Ugly Cake Shop doesn’t really offer too many eggless or vegan cakes, but we’re still featuring them here for their one vegan Zainasaurus Chocolate Cake, which is a rich chocolate cake filled with a bittersweet ganache and topped with crunch cocoa nibs. They also do customised cakes. Ugly Cake Shop uses only high quality ingredients and all-natural flavours. No artificial clours or flavours here and these guys refuse to even use fondant as it is too sugary. The strange name comes from the fact that the Ugly Cake Shop believes that cakes should be balanced, not beautiful. The Ugly Cake Shop is a bakery worth supporting as part of their profits go towards feeding undernourished children in Timor-Leste.

Ugly Cake Shop: 535 Kallang Bahru, #01-06 GB Point, Loving Hut


With all these choices for vegans, it gets even better for (egg-free) vegetarians who can choose to have eggless cakes and desserts at the following places too, besides the ones mentioned above.

Emi Cakes
Eggless Pure Addiction

Eggless Pure Addiction from Emi Cakes (Image credit: Emi Cakes’ Facebook page)

Emi Cakes, Singapore, has been serving the most delightful Durian Cakes for the last 20 years. From a single outlet to 9 outlets all over the island, they have now come to offer eggless alternatives to most cakes on their menu. Sink your teeth into the yummy Eggless Authentic Yam Cake, Eggless Pure Addiction, Eggless Cubes in flavours like Chocolate, Durian, Mango, Oreomisu & Strawberry, and much more. *We have personally checked with Emicakes and they have confirmed that no gelatin is used in the eggless cakes, so they are suitable for vegetarians who consume dairy.

Emi Cakes: Multiple Locations –

The Cake Shop
Oreolicious Cupcakes, The Cake Shop

Oreolicious Cupcakes at The Cake Shop (Image credit: The Cake Shop’s Facebook page)

Among a range of eggless cakes, The Cake Shop serves Eggless Blackforest Bloom, Eggless Oreolicious, Eggless Fruitilicious and Eggless Choco Crunch, which cost between  S$29.90 – 35.90. Run by a team that is dedicated to using the freshest ingredients, The Cake Shop offers same day delivery of cakes, 7 days a week. Order your favourite today!
*We have personally checked with The Cake Shop and they have confirmed that no gelatin is used in the eggless cakes, so they are suitable for vegetarians who consume dairy.

The Cake Shop: 8 Somapah Road, #01-102 Building 1, Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), Singapore 487372. P: +65 3157 0303

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