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As we focus on vegetarian dining, what better restaurant to begin with than Open Farm Community. It boasts of the freshest vegetables in town as they follow the farm to table dining concept. Wait, what? You thought that OFC hardly has anything for vegetarians. Well, think again. While it is true that the restaurant offers barely one or two vegetarian dishes in the Mains or Pasta menu, they do have a few, might I add yummy, options for the vegetarian diner who is not looking for a carbs overload.

A New Concept

For those who might not know, OFC is the first-of-its-kind dining concept in Singapore – by Spa Esprit Group, in collaboration with Edible Garden City and Chef Ryan Clift of Tippling Club – which aims to makes farm-fresh dining in the heart of the city, possible. They claim that their dishes are made only with the finest of produce. Dishes are prepared with ingredients sustainably sourced from within OFC’s own urban farm, as well as from farms in and around Singapore and the region, so diners can expect seasonal fresh, innovative and honest dishes.

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My first visit to Open Farm Community was with a (non-vegetarian) friend who actually opted to have the vegetables over the meats. The second visit was with hubby and my youngest, who at 15-months-old is still a vegetarian. Hubby decided to go all vegetarian too. Here are notes from both the meals.


Avocado mango & Berries

Avocado mango & Berries

Open Farm Community’s smoothies (SGD 10++) are quite good to start your meal with. Berries – a blend of strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, apple juice and yoghurt – is quite good but not extraordinary. The Avocado Mango Smoothie fares much better. A delightfully refreshing concoction of avocado, lemon juice, honey, ripe mango, ginger and chia seeds, this was an instant hit even with the baby, such a perfect way to get avocado into kids. Must try!


Sweet corn & basil soup

Sweet corn & basil soup

Starters & Soups

From the Starters, the Sweet corn & basil soup (SGD 19++) – made with charred baby corn and served tableside with warm pita bread – is quite good, I liked the mildly flavoured soup more than the corn.


Warm salad of broccoli

Warm salad of broccoli

The star dish from the Starters is Warm salad of  broccoli  (SGD 20++) with pine nuts, sugar snap peas, crumbled feta and minden mint. I cannot recommend it highly enough. This salad practically oozes freshness and I loved the combination of flavours.

Yogurt & southern wood dressed cauliflower

Yogurt & southern wood dressed cauliflower


The Mains don’t have anything vegetarian, but we tried Yogurt & southern wood dressed cauliflower (SGD 17++) from Vegetables and Sides. The cauliflower was also extremely fresh and tasty, with just the right flavours of yogurt and cumin. Recommended!


Minden road pesto trofie

Minden road pesto trofie

Moving on to Pasta, the only vegetarian option is Minden road pesto trofie (SGD 26++), made with potatoes, french beans and pumpkin chunks, but it sufficed as it was a hit with kids and adults alike. The presentation of the dish gets a special thumbs up. The pastas at OFC are made fresh daily with a state-of-the-art pasta machine.

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Other vegetarian dishes on the Open Farm Community menu (that I haven’t tried yet) include Baby eggplant (with spicy togarashi, quinoa, curry oil and sourdough) and Smoked paprika buttered sweet corn (with popcorn and chimichurri). The Little Diners menu has a pasta for the kids – Strozzapreti with tomato sauce and fresh sweet basil.

There is a different Brunch menu from 11.00 AM – 4:30 PM on weekends and public holidays, that doesn’t serve Mains or Vegetables and Sides, so the vegetarian choices become a bit more limited. However, they do serve a Buttermilk pancake (with mascarpone ice cream, homemade granola & mixed berry sauce), which I’m hoping the kids will enjoy at our next visit.

OFC - Playground

All in all, although the vegetarian food choices are limited as compared to some other restaurants, the food is fresh, healthy and tasty. The playground and the plenty of open space for the kids to run around make this place rank high on my kid-friendly meter.

The quality meal doesn’t come cheap though – a meal for two (including 1 starter, 1 side and 1 pasta along with a couple of non-alcoholic drinks) can set you back around $100.

Worth Noting
  • For an experience that stretches beyond the dinner table, Open Farm Community regularly organises educational events and activities for the whole family such as urban farming workshops, farmers’ markets, lawn bowling etc. They also host a monthly Farmers’ Market. More info at


Open Farm Community: 30E Minden Road, Singapore 248819 (


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