5 Ancient Foods Seeing a Revival

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The future of food is definitely in the past. On its way out is the fascination with finely sliced bread, industrially flavoured ice cream, gelatinous milkshakes, assembly line puddings and premix teas; as more and more people turn to healthier options that our forefathers swore by.

The Truffle Festival, Australia (Canberra Region, June to Aug 2017)

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The Truffle Festival, Canberra Region

In its ninth consecutive year, the Truffle Festival in Canberra is the first and largest festival of its kind in Australia. Each year from June to August, more than 250 individual events are held across the Canberra region, showcasing the region’s Black Winter Truffles. Events range from truffle hunts and forages to degustation dinners at venues across the city. Related: Truffles: What They Are and WhatRead Now