9 Top Thai Restaurants in Singapore, for Vegetarians & Vegans

Top Thai Restaurants in Singapore, for Vegetarians

Top Thai Restaurants in Singapore, for Vegetarians

Arguably one of the most popular cuisines around the world, Thai food has a huge fan base paralleled by few others. A delightful mélange of flavours makes it as loved as it is. Singapore has a mind-boggling array of Thai restaurants that will keep even the critics happy. Vegetarians and vegans need not worry either, there are many Thai restaurants in Singapore that offer a decent selection of veg delights. Here is our pick of the 9 Top Thai Restaurants in Singapore, for Vegetarians and Vegans, in no particular order. The list includes both mid-range and fine-dining Thai choices.

This list is by no means exhaustive – its based on personal experience or recommendations by vegetarian friends. We requested the restaurants for images of their food, and some complied. If we missed out your favourite vegetarian-friendly Thai restaurant, do let us know by commenting on this article. Vegans, please note that although several of the dishes exclude meat, eggs and dairy, please do check with the particular restaurant about your specific dietary requirements.

1. Long Chim

Chive Cakes Dark Soy Garlic Chillies at Long Chim Singapore
Chive Cakes Dark Soy Garlic Chillies (Photo credit: Long Chim)
Stir-fried Watercress Garlic Yellow Bean at Long Chim Singapore
Stir-fried Watercress Garlic Yellow Bean (Photo credit: Long Chim)

A much loved Thai restaurant helmed by celebrity chef David Thompson, Long Chim transports you to the streets of Bangkok, with both its interiors and its food. The unpretentious restaurant serves authentic street-style Thai dishes with a host of vegetarian options, in a casual setting.

Besides having vegetarian dishes on their a-la-carte menu, Long Chim also serves a Vegetarian Set Menu (S$69++) which offers common Thai choices like vegetarian spring rolls, green papaya salad, and aromatic vegetable curry; and not-so-common ones like chive cakes, beancurd seaweed asian celery broth, grilled long eggplant; to name a few. Indulge!

Oh, did we forget to mention that the celebrity restaurant is also value-for-money – think Vegetarian Weekend Brunch Menu at just S$49++. We have tried their vegetarian lunch, check out Long Chim’s vegetarian review here.

Long Chim: Level 2 dining, L02-02, The shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore 018955. P: +65 66887299

2. Jim Thompson

Jim Thompson's Phad Thai Noodles
The Best Phad Thai Noodles I’ve Ever Had

When you’re talking about the best Thai restraunts in Singapore, Jim Thompson’s name has to be right there among the top ones. An excellent Thai restaurant with a dedicated vegetarian following, and definitely one of our favourites! Start your meal at Jim Thompson with the off-beat Siam Sunray (S$26), aptly referred to as “Thailand in a Glass” – think delicate flavours of Thai spices like lemongrass, ginger, kaffir lime and even red chilli.

For soups, its always hard to choose between the Tom Yam or the slightly-sweetish Tom Kha Pak (S$20) with a creamy coconut-galangal base. A meal here must always always have a salad – choose from any of the Pomelo Salad, Green Mango Salad or Green Papaya Salad and you can’t go wrong. From the mains, our favourites include Phad Thai Noodles (S$22), Gaeng Khew (Green curry, S$22) and Gaeng Phed (Red Curry). The Tau-Hu Phad Priew Wan (Stir-fried tofu and vegetables in a sweet and sour sauce, S$20) is also a winner, although on 1 or 2 occasions, it was a wee bit too sweet. Wind up the meal with the mandatory Mango Sticky Rice or go for something different and healthier like Som-Chun (S$12) – a mix of fresh oranges topped with lychees, shredded raw mango, sliced ginger, toasted coconut and roasted peanuts, served in ginger syrup.

Read our complete review: Jim Thompson’s vegetarian review here.

Jim Thompson: 45 Minden Road, Dempsey Rd, Singapore 248817 P: +65 6475 6088

3. Patara

An elegant Thai restaurant that has been around for almost two decades, Patara has made a mark with its dishes. With a separate vegetarian menu, you can choose from a range of appetisers, salads, salads, mains and desserts. Some of the veg dishes to try here include Tom Yum Hed or the Soup Phak (Clear broth with mixed vegetables). Among the appetisers, try the Porpia Jay (assortment of crispy spring rolls), or the Kaffir Corn Fritters. For mains, Patara offers an array of vegetarian gems like the Gai Jay Krapao (sautéed mock chicken with garlic, chilli and crisp basil), Tofu Ob Mor Din Jay (baked tofu and vegetables in a clay pot with ginger and spring onions), Gang Kiew Wan Hed (Green Curry) and Gang Dang Phak (Red Curry).

To wind up your meal, venture beyond Mango Sticky Rice and get adventurous with Durian Sticky Rice, Chocolate Lava with chilli chocolate or Mun Chuem which is caramelised tapioca with coconut milk. Patara’s 3-course Executive Set Lunch (S$20++) has vegetarian options too.

Patara: Tanglin Mall, 163 Tanglin Road, #03-14, Singapore   247933. P: 6737 0818

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4. Thanying Restaurant

Thanying Restaurant, Singapore
Exquisite Fruit Carving at Thanying Restaurant (Photo credit: Thanying)

Located in the chic city hotel Amara Singapore, Thanying Restaurant is all about authentic royal Thai food served in a traditionally decorated space. I still remember Thanying as being the first Thai restaurant I went to when we moved to Singapore 12 years ago. I haven’t been in over a year now, but for years we freuented Thanying regularly for vegetarian Thai food.

As a part of the royal thai tradition of pampering guests, all dishes are served in bite sized portions. Thanying is also big on veg fare, with their vegetarian menu offering close to 30 dishes. Among their vegetarian delights, you can taste the Tawd Mun Kaopod (S$18++, Deep-fried sweet corn cakes, served with cucumber and sweet sauce), Keow Wahn Ma-Kua-Yaao (S$20++, Brinjal with thick green curry) and Phad Grapao Tao Hoo (S$20++, Stir-fried beancurd with hot basil leaf, chilli and green peppercorn). Check out Thanying’s Vegetarian Dining Review here.

Thanying Restaurant: 165 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088539. P: +65 6222 4688

5. Sabai Thai

A Thai restaurant with awesome food and great views, Sabai Fine Thai on the Bay focuses on the finest ingredients. Sabai Thai offers a grand vegetarian a-la-carte menu as well as a Vegetarian Set Menu (S$70++) and Weekday Set Lunch with veg options (S$31++ for 2-course, S$35++ for 3-course). The veg menus let you choose from an ample selection of appetisers, soups, curries, stir fries, rice, noodles and desserts. The Tawd Mun Kaopote (deep-fried sweet corn cakes, S$16.5), make for a good start. For mains, try the Panang Tao Huu (deep-fried beancurd topped with panang curry), Kao Op Sapparod (fried rice with deep-fried beancurd, pineapple, carrots, curry, S$18.5) or Guay Tiew Gaprao (stir-fried spicy noodles with deep-fried bean curd, chilli, fresh peppercorns and holy basil leaves). The veg menu does seem to have an over-dose of beancurd.

Sabai Thai: 70 Collyer Quay, #01-02 Customs House, Singapore 049323. P: +65 6535 3718-9

6. Jane Thai

Jane Thai, Singapore
Green Curry with Vegetables, Jane Thai (Photo Credit: Jane Thai)

With a special all vegetarian menu available, Jane Thai is a popular Thai restaurant which is getting a lot of love from vegetarians. Choose from Soups & Curries (S$10), Stir Fires (S$7.50) and Rice (S$8.50-8.90, with seamed rice for S$1). Their most popular vegetarian dishes include the delicious Green Curry with vegetables, Fried Tofu, Phad Thai and Pineapple Rice. Be warned that most food could be spicy, so do ask for the spice-level to be adjusted.

Jane Thai: 41 East Coast Road, 428761 Singapore. P: +65 6209 0448

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7. Jai Thai / Jai Siam

Fried Tofu with Basil at Jai Thai, Singapore
Fried Tofu with Basil (Image Credits: Jai Thai)

Jai Thai and Jai Siam is basically the same company with the same management. The difference is that the 2 Jai Siam restaurants are Halal ceritfied. The wallet-friendly chain offers a Vegetarian Menu with around 30 authentic Thai vegetarian dishes and you can choose to order them with/without garlic, onion or egg. The most popular veg dishes include Fried Rice (S$6), Green Curry, Panang Curry Beancurd and Fried Tofu Basil (S$7). Jai Siam also offers Vegetarian Bento Set Menu for S$8, including Olive Rice, Green Curry Vegetarian (S$7), Mango Salad and Beancurd Cashew Nut. They also offer Halal catering services that include an all-vegetarian menu for those parties where you want to treat your vegetarian family & friends.

Jai Thai: 7 Clover Way, Singapore 579080. P: 6258 0228.
Jai Thai: 27 Purvis Street, #01-01 An Chuan Building, Singapore 188604. P: 6336 6908
Jai Siam (Halal Certified): 11 Orchard Road, Dhoby X’Change #B1-12, Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station, Singapore 238826. P: 6338 5766.
Jai Siam (Halal Certified): 205 East Coast Road, Singapore 428904. P: 6346 4940.

8. Bali Thai

We’re not saying this is the best veg Thai food in town, but Bali Thai has a dedicated vegetarian menu with quite decent vegetarian options. Besides, Bali Thai has multiple locations around town, which makes it one of the more accessible Thai choices when you’re just out and about and Thai cravings set in – I have personally eaten here several times, while walking around malls.

Not just vegetarians, Bali Thai also serves Buddhist Vegetarians, with garlic and onion free options available on request. Bali Thai has a Vegetarian Bento Box (Bento Boxes starting at S$11.80) and a wide variety of vegetarian dishes on offer. Some of our favourite orders here include the vegetarian versions of the Thai Green Curry, Tom Yum soup and the Papaya Salad. My kids, who are too young to try spicy Thai cuisine, love the Thai Black Olive Rice, which is non-spicy and doesn’t have any strong flavours that might not appeal to fussy eaters. They can tone down the spicy-levels on request. I once forgot to request for medium-spicy and I couldn’t manage more than two bites of the fiery Papaya Salad.

Bali Thai: Check out their multiple locations  at http://www.balithai.com.sg/stores/

9. Pepper Jade Thai Vegetarian

A dream destination for Thai loving vegetarians and vegans, Pepper Jade’s wide range of  vegetarian salads, starters, soups, mains, rice, noodles and desserts whip up quite an appetite. The restaurant is all-vegetarian, they don’t use garlic and onions and they have vegan dishes on the menu too.

Some of the favourites here include Thai Fish CakesTom Yum Soup in ClaypotPhap Thai, Blue Butterfly Pea Truffle Fried Rice and the ever-green Green Curry. Don’t eat eggs? Try the Son-In-Law Eggs with the whites made up of mashed yam and the yolks with mashed pumpkin. The “eggs” are then deep-fried and drizzled with a tangy sauce. Creative!

Pepper Jade: 91 Bencoolen Street Sunshine Plaza #01-18-19/20. P: +65 63377030

Reader Recommended

Renn Thai - Veg Fried Rice w/ Basil and Cashewnuts
Renn Thai’s Veg Fried Rice w/ Basil and Cashewnuts (Image credit: Bianca Polak)

Looking for more options? We have had some of our readers recommend E-Sarn Thai Cuisine, Basil Thai Kitchen, and Renn Thai as some of the other vegetarian and vegan-friendly Thai Restaurants in town.

Bianca Polak recommends Renn Thai at Clark Quay as a good restaurant to bring visitors to, or to go with non-veg friends as they have ample options for both. With a one-page vegetarian menu, Renn Thai offers options like Veg Fried Rice with Basil and Cashewnuts (S$18) and Veg Pineapply Curry with Mixed Vegetables and Beancurd (S$24) to name a few.
Rooma Panchmatia recommends Basil Thai at parkway parade.
Nikita Iyer recommends E-Sarn as an amazing option for vegetarians. She has dined at the Ridgewood Condo branch that did a wonderful job, with great food and good service.


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