5 Ancient Foods Seeing a Revival

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The future of food is definitely in the past. On its way out is the fascination with finely sliced bread, industrially flavoured ice cream, gelatinous milkshakes, assembly line puddings and premix teas; as more and more people turn to healthier options that our forefathers swore by.

Truffles: What They Are and What Makes Them So Expensive

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Yes, they’re very expensive and have an acquired taste, but here’s what you didn’t know about truffles:- A truffle is actually any of several species of fungus that grows entirely underground, living inside tree roots, developing into a network of threads that wind around and into the roots of trees like beech, poplar and oak. Related: Truffle Festival, Canberra Region – June to August 2017 The strong-smelling undergroundRead Now

Top 5 Veganism Myths Busted

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Top Veganism Myths Busted

Veganism is easier than you think. Contrary to the belief that a (plain and boring) vegan diet revolves around plants only and that one must adapt to rabbit food, the truth is that a vegan lifestyle is about plant-based foods. This means that vegetables, grains, lentils (or pulses), nuts and fruits are all on the table. Pun intended. Here are some of the top veganism mythsRead Now

7 Foods That are Going Extinct

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Foods going extinct

Global warming isn’t just about increased temperatures and faster melting polar ice caps. The damage goes much deeper. Imagine a world without some of your favourite foods – coffee, chocolate, avocadoes and peanut butter – just to name a few. And it gets worse. Here’s a snapshot of just some of the foods going extinct in our foreseeable future. 1. Peanuts Peanuts might be wipedRead Now