Vegetarianism is Good for the Economy too

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This article originally appeared in the World Economic Forum’s Agenda; Published on 18 Dec, 2018 There was a time when vegetarian, vegan, and plant-based diets in the Western world were part of a small subculture. It was considered the domain of hippies and activists, rather than large numbers of the population. Depending on the situation, vegetarians and vegans were met with either acceptance, tolerance, orRead Now

DBS Marina Regatta 2019 Adopts a Green Theme, to Inspire Singaporeans to be More Eco-Friendly: Event Guide

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DBS Marina Regatta

The DBS Marina Regatta is back in its eighth edition, bringing in a sustainable theme, where the event will try to educate and inspire Singaporeans to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle. Across the event, recycled, re-usable, and natural materials are being put to use in varied ways. In keeping with the theme, reusable cups, bottles, and containers will be available. Even the F&B stall ownersRead Now

Vegan Fashion: Holster Shoes for Women and Children are Chic, Stylish, PETA-approved Vegan-Friendly and Cruelty-Free

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Vegan Faashion: Crueltry Free Vegan Shoes Holster Australia

Holster Australia started out as a range of jelly sandals and espadrilles and has presently evolved into a comprehensive range of vegan-friendly, trans-seasonal footwear for women and children. The core principles of the brand are being sustainable and vegan-friendly, with emphasis on innovation, construction and design.

Grand Hyatt Singapore: Making Green Choices to Save the Planet

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Grand Hyatt Singapore has been the flag bearer for a shift towards a more sustainable way of life. From making ethical and sustainable food choices, to reducing food wastage, making sure edible food reaches the plates of needy, managing waste and generating power from it, it goes the whole hog in making a difference and reducing its carbon footprint.

Clothing & Shoes that Make a Difference: 14 Places to Donate Pre-loved Clothes, Books & Shoes in Singapore

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Donate pre-loved goods in Singapore

Give a new lease of life to your unwanted goods and brighten up someone else’s day. Donating your pre-loved stuff is a great way to make a difference in the lives of the less privileged, while reducing the strain on the environment and even on your purse strings through clothing swaps. Our guide lists 14 places where you can donate your gently used clothes, shoes, books and even household appliances and furniture. 

This Festive Season, Give the Gift of Food: Where to Donate Surplus Food in Singapore

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Food Donation in Singapore

Food is one of the basic requirements of sustaining life. Then, isn’t it a tragedy that some have none and others have surplus that they think nothing of before wasting? Organisations like Food Bank Singapore work towards getting your surplus to those who need it. And this festive season, let’s think beyond just our surplus and help the less fortunate by gifting essentials like groceries. So pick a cause that resonates with you and give the gift of food.