Clothing & Shoes that Make a Difference: 14 Places to Donate Pre-loved Clothes, Books & Shoes in Singapore

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Donate pre-loved goods in Singapore

Give a new lease of life to your unwanted goods and brighten up someone else’s day. Donating your pre-loved stuff is a great way to make a difference in the lives of the less privileged, while reducing the strain on the environment and even on your purse strings through clothing swaps. Our guide lists 14 places where you can donate your gently used clothes, shoes, books and even household appliances and furniture. 

This Festive Season, Give the Gift of Food: Where to Donate Surplus Food in Singapore

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Food Donation in Singapore

Food is one of the basic requirements of sustaining life. Then, isn’t it a tragedy that some have none and others have surplus that they think nothing of before wasting? Organisations like Food Bank Singapore work towards getting your surplus to those who need it. And this festive season, let’s think beyond just our surplus and help the less fortunate by gifting essentials like groceries. So pick a cause that resonates with you and give the gift of food.

Elefantastic – An Elephant Sanctuary in Jaipur, India

Elefantastic - Elephant Sanctuary, Jaipur, India

Let me start by saying that I’m a huge animal lover. I strictly stand for the ethical treatment of animals and I usually steer clear of animal tourism. But when I chanced upon Elefantastic on TripAdvisor, it looked like a genuine place, so after a lot of enquiring, we decided to visit. Elefantastic is an elephant sanctuary in Jaipur that works for domesticated elephants ofRead Now

Sauté, Singapore Says “No” to Food Wastage

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Sauté is a bistro in Singapore, that specialises in earth-based cuisines. Sauté strongly encourages reducing food wastage and hence is proud to support Project Takeaway – a campaign that focuses on reducing food wastage at a personal level by saving leftovers, specifically in restaurants. The owners and management of Sauté take several steps to ensure minimal food wastage in their day to day business. SomeRead Now

Project Takeaway: Save Leftovers

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Project Takeaway: Save Leftovers

Food wastage isn’t new. We’ve all heard of it. We’re all aware of it. We’ve all discussed it. We’ve all talked about ways to reduce it. Unfortunately, once those discussions are over, we go about our lives, wanting to make a difference but often not knowing how. According to FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), around 800 million people suffer from chronicRead Now

Interview: Chetan Bhagat

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Originally Published on on 17/03/2016 Chetan Bhagat. The public loves him. The critics, not so much. Many of us would have first heard of him when he broke out as a writer with his novels Five Point Someone and One Night @ the Call Center. Today he has 8 blockbuster books (6 fiction) to his name. And he sells. His books have sold overRead Now