Monsoon Experiences in Sri Lanka, with Kids: A 10 Day Itinerary with Wildlife Safari, Beach Stay, Jungle Resort, Heritage Tours & More

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Sri Lanka with Kids Itinerary

Sri Lanka has something to offer everyone. Lush green hills, tea estates, waterfalls, religious places, heritage sites (though we left the cultural triangle for our next visit), wildlife and jungle experiences, beautiful and stunning beaches and much more. Here is a 10-Day Itinerary for Sri Lanka with Kids.

8 Things to Do on a Laid-back Trip to Chennai, India

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Shore Temple, Mamallapuram. Things to Do in Chennai

From beaches, to temples to luxury hotels, Chennai offers enough to endear the city to travellers. An old city where the modern jostles for space with the ancient, flyovers reach out above alleyways and bazars that seem to have been there since ages, connecting two very different faces of the city seamlessly. So apart from lazing around in the hotels, here are 8 Things to Do on a Laid-back Trip to Chennai, India that don’t require any degree of ambition to accomplish.