DBS Marina Regatta 2019 Adopts a Green Theme, to Inspire Singaporeans to be More Eco-Friendly: Event Guide

DBS Marina Regatta

DBS Marina Regatta

The DBS Marina Regatta is back in its eighth edition, bringing in a sustainable theme, where the event will try to educate and inspire Singaporeans to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle.

Across the event, recycled, re-usable, and natural materials are being put to use in varied ways. In keeping with the theme, reusable cups, bottles, and containers will be available. Even the F&B stall owners will be provided with reusable crockery and tableware, along with biodegradable, recyclable containers for takeaways.

The highlight of the DBS Marina Regatta this year will be the 23,000 sq ft maze, constructed from recycled materials.

Says Shee Tse Koon, Singapore Country Head, DBS, “This year’s DBS Marina Regatta is a ‘race against time’ to raise eco-consciousness. We have also collaborated with social enterprises on a curated series of sustainability workshops on upcycling, urban farming and soap-making. We believe that a little goes a long way. We hope to inspire people to make small changes in their everyday habits, shaping a more sustainable Singapore. DBS Marina Regatta has taken to using re-usable, natural materials to create signages, to replacing single-use plastics with biodegradable and reusable crockery”.

Regatta on Land: What to Expect at DBS Marina Regatta 2019

Eco Maze

Find your way through Singapore’s largest eco-maze, navigate through 10 obstacles related to sustainability. An important aspect of the maze is unearthing myths surrounding recycling and the environment. Note: Minimum height to participate is 1.2m, and participants below the age of 12 are advised to be accompanied by an adult in the maze.

The Grubhouse – F&B

Bike your way to wholsesome juices and smoothies with Ugly Food

Hawkerpreneurs and Singapore enterprises will be dishing up delightful food at the Grubhouse. Our ever favourite healthy eatery Shakefarm, will be there too dishing our some vegetarian favourites. Wolf Burgers will indulge taste buds with the Impossible Burger!

Busking by the Bay – Performances

Ride the bikes to power the Musicians’ equipment

DBS Marina Regatta

The event will showcase the talents of 20 young buskers, musicians and performers, as event-goers enjoy music at the Jim Beam pop-up bar at the DBS Marina Regatta. Fun Fact: In an innovative approach, there shall be dynamo-fitted kinetic bicycles that you can pedal to help generate electricity to power the performance of your favourite acts.


Compost and grow your own herb with Foodscape; create art from old cassette tapes with Rehyphen; and craft a mushroom leather pouch with The Project Nomad, which are a few of the wide array of workshops by social enterprises. Register here for a subsidised flat fee of $20 per person.

Regatta on Sea: What to Expect at DBS Marina Regatta 2019

Dragon Boating

The highly-anticipated Paddling for Asia’s Largest Dragon Boating Prize Purse in the region are being organised in partnership with the Singapore Dragon Boat Association (SDBA) for the DBS Marina Regatta 2019! On 1 and 2 June 2019, cheer over 90 teams and 3000 paddlers as they battle for the largest prize money for any dragon boating event in Asia – S$115,000!

Community Race

The dragon boat competition will feature Community Races, opening their arms to Adaptive Community for special needs community teams, Survivor Series for cancer survivor teams, Active Warriors for elderly dragon boaters above 50 years old, and Youths Invitational youth dragon boating teams invited by DBS.

Sailing at The Bay

DBS Marina Regatta

Sail and experience Marina Bay in an all new way with the ever-popular FREE sailing sessions! The meeting point is at the Pontoon, next to Customs House and adjacent to the Promontory. Note: Sailing on The Bay is available on 30 and 31 May, and minimum participant age is 7 years old (as of on the day of the sailing).

Water Sports

Try your hand at beginner friendly water sports such as dragon boating, kayaking and paddle boating, FREE of cost. Pre-register onsite to confirm your slot.

DBS Marina Regatta 2019
Date: 31 May to 2 June 2019
Location: The Promontory@Marina Bay
Entry to the event is FREE

DBS Marina Regatta

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