EatRoamLive: Your Comprehansive Guide to Vegetarian & Vegan Living in Singapore

At EatRoamLive, we promote and facilitate a healthier, ethical and environmentally friendly veg(etari)an way of life. We’re Singapore’s only Media & Events platform connecting veg-friendly businesses and restaurants with vegetarian and vegan consumers or those who are consciously looking to make their plates greener. Be it food, travel fashion or skincare, we help you discover brands and experiences that are ethical, sustainable, cruelty-free and simply fabulous.

Eat, Rate, Share, Repeat…

Food isn’t just subsistence, it opens doorways to new tastes, textures, flavours and aromas. It creates a semblance of a country or culture anywhere in the world, when done right. Journey with EatRoamLive to discover a treasure trove of ve(getari)an food in Singapore and beyond! From fine-dining restaurants to rooftop bars, from humble eateries to chic cafes down alley ways, we’ll show you the places where your  plant-based food preferences won’t be a hindrance to a hearty meal. Fusion, authentic, fiery, sweet, rustic, contemporary; all food talks to us (as long as it is vegetarian) and we love to tell you about it.

Roam, Discover, Revel, Reveal…

Travel can be truly satisfying when it is in sync with your food preferences and we recognise that to be able to enjoy local or other dishes that are suitable for vegetarians & vegans, you need resources to guide you in the right direction at different destinations. Slowly, but surely, we are inching towards becoming the travel guide  that vegetarian & vegan families will need. Head to the farthest or closest destinations, uncover hidden gems, and with EatRoamLive behind you, you needn’t be scared of bringing the kids along. We’re for taking the trouble out of (veg-friendly) family travel, pointing you to the best and avoiding the overrated.

Live, Chomp, Trot, Exhale…

Since we hosted the first Singapore Vegan Festival in 2019, we have been humbled by the awesome response and amazing participation from restaurants, brands, businesses, spokespeople, advocates of veganism and consumers alike. We look forward to bringing more such relevant events and platforms for people to experience, share and initiate dialogue about things they care about, things like responsible food choices. With all things around the world that we indulge in and enjoy, we at EatRoamLive do everything with our heart in the right place.

Get on board for feasting, globetrotting & living responsibly the veg way!



Pooja Bakhshi | Founder, Editor-in-Chief

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of EatRoamLive, Pooja’s enthusiasm for food and travelling is palpable from the variety and intensity with which she writes. A traveller at heart and a big-time foodie who happens to be vegetarian, EatRoamLive was incepted with her desire to create a resource aimed at making travel fun, and not restrictive, for families and for vegetarians. Not just (solely) vegetarian and/or vegan restaurants, she marks out places that serve sumptuous food with enough meat-free options. A hands-on mum to 3 young kids, the former architect and interior designer has her hands full juggling her love for writing, travelling and home.

Aditi Garg | Associate Editor

Aditi is a writer who loves to just write anything and everything; be it magazine cover stories, blogs, website content, trivia cards, copy, or poems & stories for kids of friends and family. Hooked on to reading, food and travel, EatRoamLive was a natural transition. And with Pooja’s infectious drive, this mother of two grown up boys is loving indulging her guilty pleasures and stringing them into words. With an opinion about everything under the sun, an insatiable appetite to know and a stickler for detail, she keeps on her toes and is happiest that way.