Grand Hyatt Singapore: Making Green Choices to Save the Planet

It is not like we have a choice; this is the only planet we have and ensuring that it stands the test of time (and human abuse) should be on top of everyone’s list. According to an in-depth analysis of the food system’s environmental impact, meat-eating needs to be drastically cut down to avoid disruptive climate change. Beef consumption in the west needs to be reduced by 90% and be replaced with beans and pulses with a five fold increase. This isn’t the only such study and this isn’t a far fetched doomsday scenario, this is real. There are many corporations who live with their heads in the sand and refuse to heed to these warnings. And then there is Grand Hyatt Singapore.

The hotel and its restaurants have been the flag bearer for a shift towards a more sustainable way of life. Not just in terms of food, Grand Hyatt leads the whole sustainability drive in other aspects as well. From making ethical and sustainable food choices, to reducing food wastage, making sure edible food reaches the plates of needy, managing waste and generating fertilisers from it, it goes the whole hog in making a difference and reducing their carbon footprint. By doing this, they have proven that if they can do it, so can others, irrespective of the size and expanse of the enterprise.

The Most Vegan-Friendly Hotel

In recent months, Grand Hyatt Singapore had redefined the plant-based scene in Singapore and South-East Asia by offering more inclusive and vegan-friendly menus.

  • In early 2018, Pete’s Place launched Singapore’s first Vegan Italian Lunch Buffet.
  • Soon thereafter, the menus at Mezza9 were refreshed to include more plant-based options, making for some brilliant vegetarian & vegan multi-cuisine dining at Mezza9.
  • Grand Hyatt Singapore was the first in South-East Asia to launch Beyond Burgers, JUST egg and Beyond Sausage. While the Beyond Meats are plant-based meats that taste like the real deal, JUST egg, made from mung beans is an egg substitue that tastes and scrambles just like eggs. All of these are now available, and selling well at the hotel’s restaurants. Beyond Burgers have been hugely successful at Mezza9, you can enjoy them as Classic Cheese Burger. JUST Egg Sandwich and Beyond Sausage Hot Dog can both be enjoyed at Oasis.
  • In November, 2018, Grand Hyatt Singapore, in collaboration with Green Monday, launched Omnipork in their F&B outlets, the talented culinary team of Pete’s Place utilises Omnipork to create many plant-based Italian favourites.

Keeping it Sustainable & Organic

Grand Hyatt Singapore's Rooftop Garden
Grand Hyatt Singapore’s Rooftop Garden

Their food philosophy echoes their ethos which is “Food Thoughtfully Sourced Carefully Served”. The F&B outlets at Grand Hyatt Singapore source sustainable seafood accredited by Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC), the two organisations that set standards for sustainable fishing and aquafarming.

The hotel imports 70% of its greens from organic farmers in Singapore and Cameron Highlands in Malaysia to limit its food miles and provide fresh greens to diners. In addition, the hotel also sources 30% of its herbs from its very own organic rooftop garden, which is maintained by in-house gardeners using the fertilisers produced by the waste management plant.

Food Donation Programmes

They work with organisations to help alleviate hunger through their food donation programmes. Surplus bakery and pastry is set aside for Food from the Heart collection, they’ve been donating an average of 10 kg of bread monthly since 2004. The hotel also works in sync with Kerbside Gourmet – a gourmet food truck that collects edible leftovers (that are blast chilled, vacuum sealed and labelled before storage) twice a week to be distributed to the needy – 350 kg food monthly since 2016.

Environmentally Friendly Practices to Reduce Carbon Footprint

The hotel is aligning itself with more environmentally friendly practices, with the goal to reduce its carbon footprint. In keeping with this vision, it already has in place an in-house waste management plant converting all food waste (about 1000kg daily) into pathogen-free organic fertiliser within 24 hours. With saving to the tune of S$100,000 annually in food waste haulage fees and approximately 55,000 trash bags per year, this is a prudent line of action economically as well.

Another first to its credit is the Trigeneration Plant which generates 30% of all its electricity requirements. The radiated heat from the plant is put to use to heat water for its laundry plant and reduce the humidity in the hotel through pre-cooling. This has reduced carbon emissions by about 1,200 tonnes a year which is equal to taking 300 cars off the road annually.

Single use plastic straws and utensils have been eliminated from the hotel’s restaurants, and they have introduced JUST Water at their event spaces from March 2019 onwards. JUST Water contains 100% spring water sourced from an extinct volcano known as Mount Warrenheip from Cottonwood Springs in Victoria, Australia, packaged in a bottle made of 82% certified renewable resources. The bottle is made primarily from plants, including paper (54%) that has been responsibly sourced and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, and a plant-based bottle cap that is made from sugar cane (28%) instead of conventional means of plastic utilizing petroleum. Using more than 400,000 plastic bottles per year across 55,000 square feet of event spaces, the switch to JUST Water represents a significant impact that Grand Hyatt Singapore has on the environment.

Should more hotels and other corporations join this sustainability drive, the world would be a much better place.

Grand Hyatt Singapore: 10 Scotts Rd, Singapore 228211. P: +65 6738 1234

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