Hard Rock Café, Singapore Launches All New Vegetarian Menu

Sweet Potato and Black Bean Tacos (Image credit: Hard Rock Cafe Singapore, via Facebook)
Sweet Potato and Black Bean Tacos (Image credit: Hard Rock Cafe Singapore, via Facebook)
Sweet Potato and Black Bean Tacos (Image credit: Hard Rock Cafe Singapore, via Facebook)

Vegetarians can now give their view of the food at Hard Rock Café a makeover, as it just launched its promotional Vegetarian Menu. They have rolled out vegetarian items for those on a meatless diet. With meat free dishes readily available, it’s veggie time.

Not all dishes are vegan – some contain cheese and the burger buns aren’t vegan either. But several of the dishes can be done vegan too, so inform the servers about your dietary preferences before you order. The Vegetarian Menu is now available at both Hard Rock Cafe Singapore and Hard Rock Cafe Sentosa.

Vegetarian Menu at Hard Rock Cafe – Starters 

The classic Rock and Roll themed cafe now offers Sweet Potato and Black Bean Tacos (Corn tortillas filled with spicy black beans with roasted sweet potatoes, guacamole, shredded cabbage, and chilli sauce; served with a side salad); Spinach, Potato & Chickpea Burger (a house made patty of red skin potato, spinach, chilli peppers, cilantro, chickpeas and spices, topped with arugula, tomato, cucumber and a spiced yogurt sauce, served on a toasted brioche bun with french fries); and Grilled Hummus Quesadillas (a spiced, grilled flour tortilla filled with garlic herb hummus, sautéed spinach, sun dried tomatoes, and black olives, served with a sriracha chilli sauce and a side salad) on their newly launched promotional vegetarian menu.

Vegetarian Menu at Hard Rock Cafe – Cocktails

Also on Hard Rock Cafe’s vegetarian menu is a fantastic range of plant-based cocktailsMule Over My Rosemary (Beefeater Gin and Monin Watermelon are mixed with fresh lime juice and ginger beer and garnished with fresh rosemary), The Heat is On (Smirnoff Vodka, Monin Almond Orgeat, fresh mint, lime and jalapeño come together to add a little spice in your life), Yellowson (A simple mix of Jameson Irish Whiskey and Red Bull to get your day or night started right, garnished with an orange wedge and a cherry), Citrus Mary (zesty mix of ABSOLUT Citron Vodka, Cointreau Orange Liqueur and bloody Mary mix garnished with celery, fresh lemon, orange and a green olive) and Cool as a Cucumber (Sauza Gold Tequila, Monin Cucumber and grapefruit juice with a fresh cucumber spear and mint leaves).

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Regular Menu at Hard Rock Cafe – Vegetarian Dishes

And then there are the vegetarian dishes that were already there on the regular menu. By way of  vegetarian starters, they offer the Cauliflower Wings (crispy cauliflower “wings” served with blue cheese, celery and carrot sticks), Southwest Spring Rolls (stuffed with spinach, black beans, corn, jalapeños, diced red peppers and Jack cheese; served with guacamole Chipotle Ranch dressing) and Classic Nachos (choose a side of guacamole).

For mains, they offer Quinoa Burger (a house-made patty of quinoa, red onion, portabellas, eggs, Cheddar, pecans, barley, soy sauce, and breadcrumbs, topped with hummus, arugula, tomato and grilled red onion) served with seasoned fries or onion rings; Pasta Arrabiata; or you can opt for the Famous Fajitas with Grilled Vegetables. We have also heard good things about the Quinoa Arugula Salad (pico de gallo, quinoa, lime juice and chopped cilantro mixed with arugula and topped with shredded Brussels sprouts, spicy pecan, feta cheese and craisins tossed in a citrus vinaigrette).

The menu also includes veg sides like Mashed Potatoes, Onion Rings, Fresh Seasonal Vegetables, Side Caesar Salad, Side House Salad, and Hard Rock’s Savoury Artisan Fries (Curry Fries with Tandoori Mayonnaise, Garlic Fries with Garlic Aioli and Seasoned French Fries).

So folks, time to Go Vegetarian at Hard Rock Cafe, Singapore!

Hard Rock Cafe: 50 Cuscaden Road, #02-01, HPL House, Singapore 249724. P: +65 6235 5232
Hard Rock Cafe: 26 Sentosa Gateway, The Forum #01-209 to 214 Sentosa Island Singapore 098138.

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  1. Highly mouth watering rendering of veggies stuff being a staunch vegetarian I would like to taste all this

    1. Agreed. The tacos specially look pretty drool-worthy.

  2. Hard Rock guacamole is NOT vegetarian! They add Worcestershire sauce- which has anchovy paste! So how can they include it in some of the new vegetarian food items??? 🙁

    1. Hi C. Bell. I have checked with Hard Rock. The Guacamole they use in the normal menu has Worchestershire sauce but the Guac that they use in the vegetarian menu DOES NOT have worchestershire sauce, only avocados and jalapenos mashed together. So, it’s vegetarian :).

      1. Hi Poooja! Thanks for checking!

        And I am glad to know that they use different guacamole for the veggie items. However, “only avocados and jalapenos mashed together” is not really guacamole, is it?

        And it’s very disappointing that their regular guacamole is NOT vegetarian….

        1. Hi C. Bell. I don’t want to comment on the ‘avocados and jalapenos mashed together’ – well, everyone’s got a right to do their own recipe.

          However, I do agree that it’s really wierd to have Worchestershire sauce in Guac. I never would have even thought of that. I doubt that anyone checks if Guacamole is vegetarian, because it kinda always is. How did you even know this?

          Are you a member of the FB group vegetarian society? You could post this there to give a heads up to the folks who are more strict and might want to know.

          1. Hi Pooja! I know, who ever heard of guac that is not veg?? A waiter at the HRC in Baku told me the other night when we were discussing the vegetarian menu. And I’ve been eathing HR nachos – with guac~! – for 20 years!

            I didn’t know about FB vegetarian society- but yes I should join and will post a note about HRC guac. People should know!

          2. The name of the group is Vegetarian Society (Singapore). If you’re veg, it’s a good group to join anyway.
            There is also a group called Vegans in Singapore.

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