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Margarita's Mexican Restaurant, Dempsey Hill, Singapore

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Margarita's Mexican Restaurant, Dempsey Hill, Singapore

Hola! Mexican food is a globally celebrated cuisine that finds favour with all. I’ve seen many, especially vegetarians, enamoured by the Mexican restaurants in Singapore, your’s truly included. But while I’ve tried a few, I always keep returning to Margarita’s at Dempsey Hill, hands down my favourite Mexican restaurant in Singapore.For this reason, Margarita’s also finds place in our list of the Top 9 Mexican Restaurants in Singapore for Vegetarians.

The Concept and The Vibe at Margarita’s

Margarita's Mexican Restaurant, Dempsey Hill, Singapore
Colourful & Cool

Wrought Iron decor intermingles with impressive art

Each dish at Margarita’s is a piece of Mexico dished up to delight your senses. With a definite touch of home style food, Margarita’s resonates with anyone who loves food sans pretence. Simple, straightforward yet sumptuous, the food here is full of colours, flavours and textures. And plenty of plant-based choices on the menu, make it one of the best Mexican restaurants in Singapore for vegetarians too.

The hacienda style eatery epitomises rustic grace. Colourful wrought iron decor intermingles with art that impresses, to give the restaurant a cool vibe while at the same time making it a warm and inviting place that you want to come back to.

Having been around for almost thirty years, Margarita’s is a legend in its own right. Pssst, so are Margarita’s Margaritas.

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The Margaritas at Margarita’s

Chile & Blue Margaritas
The Legendary Margaritas – Chile & Blue

Like I said, the Margaritas here are as much of a legend as the restaurant itself. I absolutely love the good ol’ fashioned lime-y House Margarita (S$70/pitcher), but my favourite would have to be the Chile Margarita (S$18.50) which packs just the right amount of punch. Hubby and I have both loved the Blue Margarita on previous visits, but on our last visit, it was a bit too sweet and disappointing. If you’re not having alcohol, the Virgin Tamarind Margarita is superb and comes in a sugar lined glass. Also on offer are a variety of cocktails, beers, mocktails, fresh juices, wines, coffee etc., but who needs those when you’ve got Margaritas.

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The Appetizers and Soups at Margarita’s

The Margarita’s Soup of The Day (S$12) is usually really good, so give it a try. On our recent visit, the soup of the day was a clear soup with tortilla strips. I almost had to fight hubby to order this as he doesn’t like clear soups. But the lemony refreshing soup caught him by surprise – he ended up loving it and barely let me have any. The slight tanginess and spice hit the right spots from the first spoon. A lovely combination of tomatoes and coriander, it was flavourful indeed and I liked it even better without the crisps.

The tortilla chips are a no-brainer here, always fresh and crispy. The kids, obviously love them even more than I do. There are a whole lot of dips you can choose from to accompany the chips, I like mine with Salsa Rojas (S$6) and Salsa Verde. Also good for the little ones are the regular Quesadillas (S$18). They are laced with chile chipotle though, so ask for them to be done non-spicy for kids.

Another delish appetizer is the Chile Jalapeno Rellenos (S$24) aka Jalapeno poppers – these are filled with cheese and really good. Also available are Elote Asados (Mexican street-style corn on the cob); Portobello Mushroom (with Garlic and Balsamic Brown Butter Sauce); and Nachos La Especial (with black beans, chipotle cheese sauce, jalapenos, guacamole, sour cream and pico).

The Mains at Margarita’s

Ultimate Enchiladas at Margaritas
Enchiladas Suicas Chatas de Nuevo – The Ultimate Enchiladas Dish

The Fajitas (S$32) have a vegetarian option and I’ve had them on one occasion, years ago. They were quite good but I’m lazy and I don’t like preparing my own food when I’m eating out, so never had them again. I do remember that the portion was quite big, so they’re good to be shared by two people.

The Enchiladas de Verduras (S$19 – Roasted Sweet Potato and Jalapeño Enchiladas with Tomatillo Sauce) are quite good. But the menu claims that Enchiladas Suicas Chatas de Nuevo (S$24) is the ultimate Enchiladas dish. I agree! These are stacks of tortillas filled with spinach, beans and rice and laced with an enchiladas sauce and cheese. The dish is topped with a sunny side up egg, which can be omitted upon request. If you like burritos, they can do the Kitchen Sink Burrito sans the meat. Taco lovers can go for the vegetable version of Tacos Mexicana de Adobadas. These are Mexican soft tacos stuffed with vegetables and topped off with the chipotle cream sauce. The tacos at Margarita’s are grilled rather than fried and just to give you a heads up, they pack quite a punch.

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For Fussy Kids at Margarita’s

We typically order the dishes to share, so that everyone gets to try different things. The kids have been here only on one occasion and they loved the (non-spicy on request) Quesadillas, Soup and Tortilla Chips (obviously). They also polish off the Mexican Rice (S$6) very quickly and usually one doesn’t suffice.

For Sweet Indulgence at Margarita’s

Kahlua Tiramisu at Margarita's
Kahlua Tiramisu – The Best Tiramisu in Town?

Overall, the desserts here are really good. The Kahlua Tiramisu (S$16) is to die for. We have had it on numerous visits and only once have we found it not up to the mark (it was too creamy just the one time). I love the Mexican rendition of the Italian classic – with Kahlua instead of rum – and I’ve found this to be one of the best Tiramisus around town.

To indulge your sweet tooth further, also on offer are Mexican Brownie with burnt caramel sauce (S$14), Mexican Fried Ice Cream, the traditional Churros(S$15), the egg-free Hot Chocolate Fudge Pudding Cake and Mexican Frozen Chocolate Chile Mousse.

The Verdict

A great place to hang out at with friends and family, Margarita’s at Dempsey Hill has a good ambience and wonderful music, with an omnipresent bustling vibe. Add this to the great food and the greater Margaritas they serve, and no wonder they always have the crowds lining up. So what’re you waiting for. Go line up. Buen apetito!

Margarita’s® Dempsey Hill: Blk 11, Dempsey Road, #01-19, Singapore 249673. P: +65 6471 3228

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