7 Best Pizza Deliveries in Singapore for Vegetarians

Best Pizza Deliveries Singapore

Best Pizza Deliveries Singapore

If you’re reading this, then you probably love pizzas as much as we do. We know it’s fun to go out and enjoy a gourmet pizza in a nice restaurant. But, there are times when you just want to escape getting dressed and enjoy them in your PJs, while binge-watching the latest Netflix shows. For this, we have compiled a list of the Best Pizza Deliveries in Singapore for Vegetarians.

While almost every restaurant delivers now (thanks to Deliveroo and Food Panda), this article lists the pizzerias that are most popular for pizza delivery and have plenty of vegetarian-friendly options. So go on and enjoy these Pizzas with Pizzazz! (And if you still want to head out, here is a list of Best Gourmet Vegetarian Pizzas in Town for dining out).

1. Spizza
Best Pizza Deliveries Singapore, Spizza
The Vegan Claudia

Equally popular for dine-in and delivery, Spizzas are a cut above the ‘traditional’ delivery pizzas. We love their Margherita (S$ 21++/25++), but team ERL’s favourite Spizzas are the Elisa (tomato, mozzarella, pesto sauce, olives, pine kernels and parmesan cheese) and the very creative Quinta (tomato, mozzarella, egg, black truffle paste) – we’ve had the egg removed upon request. Claudia (tomato, bell peppers, zucchini, eggplants, artichokes and mushrooms) is suitable for vegans. They even have Zara (a sweet pizza with Nutella, banana and almond flakes at S$ 16++/20++) for the sweet-toothed. These guys definitely take the cake for the best pizza delivery in town.

You can order on their website, with their Mobile App or by calling 6377 7773.

2. Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar
Best Pizza Deliveries Singapore
Vegetarian Supreme (Image: Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar)

Crust has a menu option for ‘Vegetarian & Healthier Choice Pizzas’. Go figure! On offer are the Vegetarian Supreme (grilled eggplants, artichoke, baby spinach, roasted red peppers, button mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, bocconcini cheese and pesto aioli sauce); Wild Mushroom (wild mushroom mix, asparagus, pine nuts, garnished with truffle oil & parmesan cheese); the Gourmet Cheese; Margherita; Roasted Beetroot (roasted beet roots, baby spinach, bocconcini cheese, garnished with walnuts & honey); Baby Spinach (spinach, cherry tomatoes, bocconcini cheese, roasted red peppers, walnuts) and the classic Bruschetta (tomato slices, Spanish onions, bocconcini cheese, garnished with fresh basil leaves & balsamic glaze). So, take your pick and enjoy.

Order online or via their app. To order via phone, call 6467 2224 for Holland Village and 6636 7666 for Serangoon Garden.

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3. Sarpinos

Best Pizza Deliveries Singapore

(Image: Sarpino’s via FB)

Sarpinos has been our favourite for years. Or more specifically, their Tuscany (white onion, sun dried tomatoes, baby spinach, roasted garlic, artichoke heart, topped with feta, parmesan and mozzarella cheese) and Pesto Veggie (sun dried tomatoes, green & red pepper, fresh spinach leaves, white onions, roast garlic, olive oil, cheddar and mozzarella cheese on a bed of pesto sauce) have been. Other veg options include Cheese, Margherita, Kalamata Delight and Vegetarian Special.

You can order online or via phone on 6636 3636.

4. Domino’s

Best Pizza Deliveries Singapore

(Image: Domino’s via Facebook)

No pizza lover can claim indifference to Domino’s. We love Domino’s for the ease of ordering, and the ability to customize. Their option to ‘Track your Order’ is also pretty neat. The menu has only three veg options – Romano Margherita (topped with feta, cherry tomatoes and olives on napolitana sauce); Valenciana Mushroom (Belgian spinach, onion and pesto sauce) and Very Veggie (mozzarella cheese, green and red pepper, cherry tomato, mushroom, ripe olive and pineapples). But fear not as they offer a highly user-friendly website with the ability to customize your pizzas vis-à-vis crusts, sauces and toppings.

Best Pizza Deliveries Singapore

The image above shows the Basilico Chicken edited to add on Red and Green Peppers and Spinach and remove the Roasted Chicken. What’s best is they even adjust the price, so you’re not paying more after removing the meat. Or you can just Make Your Own pizza or do a Half & Half if you’ve got a meat eater in the house.

Order online or can 6222 6333. Theyre very liberal with coupons and promotions, so always check those out before ordering.

5. Canadian 2 for 1 Pizza

Best Pizza Deliveries Singapore

Spinach with Green Olive (Image: Canadian Pizza via FB)

A popular and pocket-friendly pizza delivery option! Their pizzas start at S$21.90 but since they always offer 1-for-1, you get 2 pizzas at that price. Besides the standard Margherita and Super Cheese, they have quite a few interesting vegetarian pizzas – Garden Veggie (onions, mushrooms, capsicum, black olives, fresh tomatoes and pineapple); Spinach with Olive (spinach, green olives, caramelised onions and feta cheese); Spinach Jalapeño (Spinach, caramelised onions and jalapeños); Pesto Cheese (mozzarella, gouda, parmesan, cheddar, edam, feta cheese, basil, oregano, pesto sauce and olives); and Spinach Delight (spinach, feta cheese, onion and cheese mix). So, if variety is what you seek, this is just the place to order.

Order online or call 6241 0241

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6. Peperoni Pizzeria

If you’ve got guests or a party to cater for, Peperoni’s XXL pizza (think 21”) could feed half a dozen without breaking the bank. Besides the 2 cheesy-s: Quattro Formaggi and Margherita; you get three veg-s: Verdurine é Funghi (rocket leaves, cherry tomatoes, gouda cheese, caramelised onions, porcini and button mushrooms), Funghi, Vegetariana (shitake mushrooms, artichoke, zucchini, eggplant, bell peppers & black olives) and Portobello Funghi (Portobello mushroom, tomato concasse, egg, spring onion, truffle oil). All pizzas are priced at S$19/24/55 for 9”/12”/21” respectively. Definitely among the best pizza deliveries in Singapore!

Order online or call the delivery hotline at 6899 6899. You get a 10% discount for ordering online, so go for that.

7. Extra Virgin Pizza

Vegetarian pizzas galore at this eatery, which, uses only Caputo doppio zero pizza flour, renowned as the best in the world. The menu starts with 4 veg pizzas – Margherita (S$ 20), Bufala Margherita, Four Cheese and Mushroom Bianco (S$26). More interesting options are the Truffle Kerfuffle (béchamel, mozzarella, fontina, sautéed leek, sautéed mushroom) and Pistachio Pesto (pistachio pesto, mozzarella, baby arugula, lemon vinaigrette, pecorino, provolone).

Disadvantage: They dont deliver islandwide, so check their website for delivery locations.


Some of the other popular pizza deliveries in Singapore, include Napolizz Pizza Delivery, Pizza Hut, Pezzo Pizza, Rite Pizza, Pasta Mania. We didn’t include them in the list as they don’t cater to vegetarians that well.



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  1. Does the cheese suitable for vegetarians too? (Free from rennet)

    1. Bernice, you will have to check with the restaurants directly for this since each restaurant uses different cheese. There are vegan cheese-less pizzas available at Spizza and Alt pizza.

  2. Hi, from my knowledge, Domino’s ‘Very veggie’ pizza uses rennet free cheese and is also free from onion and garlic. Note that you have to ask for New York crust for it to remain onion and garlic free. Very helpful for veggies like me who needs something strictly vegetarian delivered to my doorstep. Their prices are not bad too.

    1. Thanks a ton for the info Pavs. We know it is time to update this article and we’re trying to contact the mentioned restaurants to check on all the info as well.

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